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Aerial Drone Services

Drone videography and photography is one of the most unique methods of capturing professional video and photo shots, previously only available to movie studios and productions with high budgets.  Today, with the advanced technological advancements of drone equipment, Apple7Media is able to offer clients professional aerial drone footage and commercial video editing all in the same place.

Whether you are looking to promote real estate for sale, or take project photos during construction, aerial videography and photography can deliver exactly the shots you need.


There are many industries that are lax when it comes to using licensed professionals, because in a many the service providers aren’t carefully regulated and in some the risk is too low for it to matter to most.  When it comes to aerial drone services, it is VERY important to ensure you are using a licensed drone pilot.  Not only do you want a professional drone pilot flying around your valuable project, but it’s actual a federal offense to fly a drone, commercially, without being properly licensed and following the FAA’s strict flight rules.  Because the industry is so, new, there are many new drone service providers who don’t know about or follow the correct rules, leaving you in a very questionable position, as it might be illegal to hire a drone pilot, if you know that they aren’t properly licensed.

With Apple7Media, you know you are getting a professional drone pilot, licensed and knowledgeable in all of the areas of shooting professional aerial drone videos, photos and keeping clear of all of the FAA restrictions.

To learn more about our services, or to get a project quote, please give us a call at 818-668-5521.